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We empower people with Data and AI tools. You make the magic happen.

Synoptic Decisions takes the busywork of AI platform development off your to-do list so you can get more focused on solving business problems. Embed and bring intelligence to solutions using all in one Data and AI platform - Synoptic Decisions Fast AI 360™.

Intelligent Business Automation using Synoptic Decisions Enterprise AI

We’re the leading edge Intelligent Data Activation and Fast AI platform for Fintech, Supply chain and Healthcare

Intelligent superior technology born from industry need and quest.

We founded Synoptic Decisions to grow and accelerate productivity in enterprise digital transformation using AI. Our team comes from the world’s top enterprise and automation organizations. We have held various leadership and visionary positions with unicorns and well renowned companies like Oracle, Aetna, NICE, Automation Anywhere, Sutherland.. We turned our insights and vision into simplifying Data Activation and AI for enterprise citizen developers to build and deploy live smart solutions in days with zero AI skills.

Enterprise AI leadership from Cloud, Data, BPM and RPA tech companies

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